Ford Cortina Mk2

mk2cortinaMk 2 – 1966–1970

The engines were the same as the Mk I pre-crossflow in the first year, then they were changed to a crossflow which made they more efficient. This means they now came out in 1.3L and 1.6L, the Lotus version still had its own twincam engine. One of the popular and well known models was the 1600E which held the 1.6L engine.

2/4-door saloons were availavle and also a 4 door estate. Trims were base, Deluxe, Super, GT, 1600E.

The 1600E had all the nice sporty extras which were appealing to people, eg, lowered suspension from the Lotus, a high tune GT 1600 Kent engine and luxury trim. Also bucket seats, sports steering wheel and a different instrument cluster featuring things like a tacho which were not included in some other models, a vinyl roof and rolled on Rostyle wheels.

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