Ford Cortina Mk4

mk4cortinaMk 4 – 1976–1979

The Mk IV had a more square-shaped style than the previous MK III. it is basically a rebody of the Mk III as it is on the shame chassis, this is also the case for the Mk V. Many parts were carried over from the Mk III, such as the dashboard design but as said before, the most noticable was the running gear/chassis.

This version of the cortina gave birth the the Ghia model which was top of the range with all the luxury trim options, this bascially replaced the 2000E. The 2.3L v6 engine was introduced in the Mk IV which was seen as an engine above the 2.0 pinto.

Many various body styles of the Mk IV came out including 2 door and 4 door saloons, station wagons (estate)

Engines included 1.3/1.6/2.0L crossflow, and 2.3L v6.

In New Zealand the more commonly seen Mk IV cortinas are 4 door saloons and station wagons powered by the 2.0L pinto engine, although there are a few floating around in the 1.6L and 2.3L forms.

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