Ford Cortina Mk5

mk5cortinaMk 5 – 1979–1982

The Mk V came about in September 1979, orginally as a facelift version of the Mk IV known as the “Cortina 80”. Mk V tag was given to it by the press, enthusiasts and the general public.

The differences in the Mk V from the older Mk IV include, larger rear tail lights, larger front indicators which meant no need for a side indicator as on the Mk IV, newer grille which was said to be more aerodynamically efficient, more squarer edges around the roof, better visability for the driver, restyles bumpers with black plastic end caps and upgraded trim options

Variants included the regular Base, L, GL, GLS and Ghia variants, although various ‘special editions’ were announced, including the Sport (S pack) and Crusader.

Up until 1981, the Cortina was the best selling car in Britain. The production of the Cortina came to a cease when the last cortina rolled off the production line in 1982, when ford replaced it for the new Sierra.

Many various body styles of the Mk V came out including 2 door and 4 door saloons, station wagons and sometimes seen in ute form.

Engines included 1.3/1.6/2.0L crossflow, and 2.3L v6.

In New Zealand the more commonly seen Mk V cortinas are 4 door saloons and station wagons powered by the 2.0L pinto engine, although there are a few floating around in the 1.6L and 2.3L forms aswell as the 2 door versions.

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