Ford Cortina Mk1

mk1cortinaMk 1 – 1962-1966

The Mk I is one of the more popular Cortina’s these days, of which the popular/well known models were the Lotus and GT. They came off the production line with either 1.2 L and 1.5 L engines in 2 and 4-door saloon and 4-door estate forms. Trims available were base (standard), deluxe, super and GT although they werent all available on all body styles.

The engines which powered these little beasts were 4 cylinder pushrod engines, theses engines are known as the “pre-crossflow”, as intake and exhaust were both on the same side. The most notable engine which came out in these, was the 1.5L which was used in the GT Cortina, which produced a humble 78bhp. This engine was worked from factory with, a mild camshaft profile, larger port head, extractors and a double barrel weber carb.

Lotus Cortina’s all came out as 2 door saloons painted white with a green stripe painted either side, they also ran a twincam 1.6L engine which was based on the crossflow engine and made by lotus.

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