Ford Cortina Mk3

mk3cortinaMk 3 – 1970–1976

Ford originally wanted to call the Mk III something other than Cortina, but the name Cortina stuck. The Mk III has more curves than the boxy Mk II and looks a lot larger although it is the same length, but it is 10cm wider. To me it has some australian muscle car styling in the design, surely the most beasty looking version of the Cortina

The different trim levels were Base, L (Luxury), XL (Xtra Luxury), GT (Grand Touring) and GXL (Grand Xtra Luxury) which was later replaced by the 2000E. Four headlights and Rostyle wheels were a trademark of the GT and GXL versions, while the GXL also had bodyside rubstrips, a vinyl roof and a brushed metal and black tail panel on the GXL and plain black one on the GT. All models featured new updated running gear, with coil suspension all round running a double wishbone setup in the front, opposed the the Mk II’s leaf rear and MacPherson strut front end.

Engine wise, they ran either a 1.3/1.6 kent or a 1.6/2.0 pinto. They came out in 2/4 door saloons, and estates.

In New Zealand now, there are still a few 4 door saloons floating around, definately more than any 2 door saloons that are still around. Station wagon wise, probably up there with 2 door saloons, you’d be pushed to find one, and if you did its probably been modifyed/restored and will cost you an arm and leg.

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