Cause New Cars Are Shit,


This is a site I have been a member of for around 3 years and post regularly on. The site consists of some forums and a big group of dudes (and a few girls) who are into their oldschool cars. The site isnt aimed at any one make or model of car, but just on the whole anything that is old! Most members have project threads of their cars for the rest of us to admire and discuss. An example of the selection of cars are Escort’s, Corolla’s, Gemini’s, Lancer’s and cars less commonly choosen for projects such as Fiat’s, Alfa Romeo’s, Humber’s. Members often gather every so often to check out each others cars and there is a big yearly meet and trackday which goes off.  I personally found the site while looking for information on my Ford Cortina. Don’t know why i’ve written this much about the site best you just check it out for youself!

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