Screw the Taxi’s, Catch the Bus. NiteRider to the Rescue.


After a night out on the town paying large out of your pockets for overpriced drinks, the last thing that you want to do is flick one of those cheeky taxi drivers a couple of green ones. Recently i’ve been taking advantage of Auckland’s NiteRider bus service put on by Auckland Regional Transport Authority. One flat rate fare of $6.50 ( $4.50 on some routes) will get you anywhere along one of the 10 routes these buses take which go in all directions, north, south east and west. Buses are scheduled on saturday and sunday mornings at multiple times between the hours of 1am and 3am varying on which route you are taking. An added bonus is you get to chat to other drunk people on the bus which makes the time fly and before you know it you are home. So next time you’re in town plan to take one of the 3am NiteRider bus services home. You can check out more information on the routes here

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