scrumpyI am one to save money where possible and one area inparticular where I hate to spend money is on alcohol. Lets face it, 90% of alcohol has a nasty taste and id rather be drinking coke anyday. We drink to get drunk and enjoy ourselves, I think thats what old folk call binge drinking. We are binge drinkers because we aren’t drinking a perfectly selected wine which just goes perfectly with a meal at dinnertime whilst having a polite conversation about what happend at work today. When I drink, I drink to get drunk. Lately I have been trying a few of the cheaper alcohol alternatives out there and as you guessed this post is all about Scrumpy Strong Cider. If you are wondering what a cider is, it is an alcoholic drink made from fermented apples. At 8.2% this isnt a weak drink, almost 2x more alcohol volume over average beers and similar to most bourbon rtd’s out there. At my local I can score a 1.25L (8 standard drinks) bottle of this magic juice for one small payment of $9.49, that works out to be $1.18 per standard drink. Mint.

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