Butter Chicken and Naan

butterchickenMy mouth is watering just writing a post about it, Butter Chicken or sometimes called Murgh Makhani is my favourite Indian meal, if not my favourite foreign meal all together. Actually to tell the truth Butter Chicken is not a traditional Indian dish and I have read somewhere that it was actually developed in the UK. Nevertheless, it is still my favourite and when ever i bring it up in conversation all mouths rave about it.

I must say though that no two Butter Chicken meals are ever the same between restaurants and the difference is huge, which is probably down to the fact of each cooks own special recipe and personal tastes. In my time I have sampled a large amount of Butter Chicken and I personally like the Butter Chicken which you can get from an Indian outlet in my local malls food court . I have not had better elsewhere, ever! Last but not least, I must not forget the Naan. Dipping Naan into the Butter Chicken sauce makes for the ultimate meal.

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